The warriors of chaos are the warriors that fight on chaos side.There are 11 warriors chaos, 10 normal characters and 1 secret character. They oppose the Warriors of cosmos and create Manikins to fight them. Their pieces on the story mode is a stigma of chaos but is solid insted of see through. The Emporer tries to take over the world by making his own crystal to take over the world. Chaos also explains to Garland how he is Chaos, as that what happens in the original game garland becomes but because Garland always go back or forward in time and gets 'reborn' he knowns how they both can live at the same even tho they are person. Orginally Jecht was a warrior of cosmos and when he becomes sin in FF10 he changes to a warrior of chaos. Tho in FF10 jecht still acts good inside sin his final aeon is waht is evil and not him.

The charcters

  • Garland (FF1)
  • The Emporer (FF2)
  • Cloud of darkness (FF3)
  • Golbez (FF4)
  • Exdeath (FF5)
  • Kefka (FF6)
  • Sephiroth (FF7)
  • Ultimecia (FF8)
  • Kuja (FF9)
  • Jecht (FF10)
  • Gabranth (FF12)